Name: SY Rattler

SY RATTLER is a high yielding mid maturity barley, with medium height & stiff straw. It exhibits excellent resistance to scald, powdery mildew and barley leaf rust and useful resistance to NFNB. SY Rattler is currently being tested as a possible domestic ‘light beer’ malt variety and is re-entering the Malt Accreditation scheme. Commercial seed production of this variety is underway in preparation for a part release in 2016 and a full commercial release in 2017 (subject to final testing results as a ‘light beer’ malt variety).  Long term NVT testing has shown that SY Rattler is able to compete with many current mid-season malting barley varieties in many MRZ regions across Australia.

Category: Barley

Rainfall: 400mm+

Maturity: 6 days earlier than Westminster

Key Features:

  • SY Rattler is a malt type barley currently undergoing final malting assessment
  • Erectoid type plant with excellent seedling vigour and medium straw height
  • Approximately 6 days earlier maturity than Westminster
  • Good all round disease resistance
  • Superior scald resistance compared with current commercial varieties
  • High yielding variety in short season conditions (suits spring sowing in the Western District (Vic)
  • Very good grain quality (consistently high test weights and grain retention)

Disease Resistance: 


SY RATTLER is protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR).  Any unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infringement under the Plant Breeder’s Rights 1994. Growers are allowed to retain seed from production of this variety for their own use as seed only.

SY Rattler is subject to an EPR of $3.00/tonne (GST exclusive) payable on all grain produced.


SY RATTLER has been bred by Syngenta Seeds Ltd & trialled in Australia as SYN 937-5 .