Name: GS1234

GS1234 is no longer available commercially.  Ballan is a short strawed, low tillering barley variety with improved head retention when compared to Gairdner. GS1234 low biomass results in improved water use efficiency producing yields slightly better than Gairdner. GS1234 is suited to wider row seeding used in stubble retention practices because of lower tillering an is less prone to lodging in fertile growing conditions.

GS1234 Fact Sheet

Category: Barley

Rainfall: 450m+

Maturity: Similar maturity to Gairdner

Key Features:

  • Superior scald resistance compared to Gairdner
  • Long term yields equivalent to or slightly better than Gairdner
  • Lower Biomass than Gairdner resulting in improved Water Use Efficiency
  • Shorter straw and improved head retention in comparison to Gairdner
  • Short strawed, low tillering variety
  • Less prone to lodging in fertile growing conditions
  • Increase sowing rates by 20% over Gairdner to achieve optimum grain heads per sq metre
  • Suited to wider row seeding used in stubble retention practices because of lower tillering

Plant Breeders Rights and

Disease Resistance: 


Growers wishing to grow GS1234 need to agree to the Grainsearch Seed Licence terms and conditions. Any unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infringement of the Grainsearch Seed Licence Agreement. Growers are allowed to retain seed from production of this variety for their own use as seed only.

An End Point Royalty of $2.00 / tonne (GST exclusive), which includes breeder royalties, applies to this variety.


GS1234 barley is a cross between Scarlett and Chieftan malting barleys and was initially trialed in Australia by GrainSearch.