WESTMINSTER is a high yielding mid to late maturity malting barley with medium to tall, stiff straw and improved head retention.  It was accredited as a malt variety in March 2013.  It has excellent all round disease resistance combined with excellent test weight.  Westminster is now gaining strong interest amongst the malting/brewing industries, showing suitability for domestic and export malting uses.  Westminster is suited to the HRZ and irrigation regions in Australia.

SY Rattler

SY RATTLER is a good yielding mid maturity malting barley with medium height stiff straw. It exhibits excellent resistance to scald, powdery mildew and barley leaf rust and useful resistance to NFNB. SY Rattler is currently in Stage 1 Malt Accreditation and is showing promise as a niche domestic malt type variety.

GS1234 (seed production discontinued)

GS1234 Barley seed production has been discontinued. It is a short strawed, low tillering barley variety with improved head retention when compared to Gairdner. GS1234 low biomass results in improved water use efficiency producing yields slightly better than Gairdner…..

Ballan (discontinued)

Ballan seed production has ceased. It is a spring type barley and is capable of producing high yields suitable for feed grain production in high rainfall/irrgation regions of Australia.