2014 GrainSearch Trials’ Report (Summary)

Some Exciting New Wheat and Barley Lines in the Pipeline

This season GrainSearch evaluated cereal lines, in close collaboration with the following breeding partners:

The University of Queensland: (UniQuest) have bred their ‘H45 type’ milling wheat lines to have full rust resistance, yellow leaf spot resistance and pre-harvest sprouting tolerance.  We are very excited to be working with this strong milling wheat material.

PGG Wrightson (New Zealand): (PGGW) have supplied GrainSearch with both wheat and barley germplasm.  The wheats are high quality milling types, ideally suited to the HRZ and MRZ regions.  The Barley lines are exceptionally high malting quality well suited to the HRZ and MRZ regions

Syngenta UK:  (SYN) have been with GrainSearch for a number of years.  We are closing in on identifying at least one high quality short season barley line and a possible new feed barley line.  We also continue to do work with SY Rattler in preparation for its possible acceptance as a ‘light beer’ malting barley.

The 2013/2014 trail season was particularly tough, with growing season rainfall between Decile 2 and Decile 3 across all of the GrainSearch evaluation sites.  Frost also caused issues at the Horsham site.

Wheat Trials Summary:

A total of 39 wheat lines were evaluated in replicated trials across 3 sites (Inverleigh, Horsham and Dookie). The Inverleigh and Dookie sites generated some excellent data with very acceptable CV’s. The Horsham site was quite variable and was impacted by frost and we have mostly had to ignore these results.

There were a number of standout wheat lines:

  1. HIL-038 (UniQuest).  This is a relatively early maturing line which should have good milling traits. It is particularly suited to the Riverina environment or any regions where H45 was popular.   At the Dookie site it ranked 1st for yield, being 16% higher yielding than the site mean. GrainSearch will be proceeding to the next stage of seed bulk up.
  2. 11FD-AU-04 (PGGW).  This line has performed well over the past 3 years. It is a white grained variety approximately 3 days quicker than Derrimut to reach flowering.  It is highly suited to the Western Districts of Victoria and into the Wimmera. This year it ranked 2nd at the Inverleigh site ahead of Derrimut (8th). It has very good resistance to all strains of rust, Septoria and Yellow Leaf Spot.  Its standability is also excellent. This variety is currently undergoing quality analysis to determine its milling classification. GrainSearch will be proceeding to the next stage of seed bulk up.Barley Trial Summary:

Barley Trials Summary:

A total of 35 lines were trialled across 2 sites (Inverleigh and Horsham). Excellent data was gathered across the 2 sites, with frost having minimal impact at the Horsham trial (the frost luckily missed the barley flowering window).  Despite the tough growing conditions, yields at both sites were quite good, with 5,735 kg/ha being the average trial yield at Inverleigh and 2,886 kg/ha at Horsham.

The standout Barley Lines were:

  1. HV8 (PGGW).  A feed only barley line that topped the trial at Inverleigh (6,597 kg/ha, 115% site mean yield) and topped the trial at Horsham (3,508 kg/ha, 122% of site mean yield). This variety has excellent scald and net blotch resistance and very good standability. GrainSearch will be proceeding to the next stage of seed bulk up.
  2. HV16 (PGGW).  A high quality mid-season export malt line. This variety ranked 5th at the Inverleigh site (6,189 kg/ha, 108% site mean yield) and 5th at the Horsham site (3,183 kg/ha, 110% site mean yield). GrainSearch is very excited about this line as a main season variety. Being approximately 7 days quicker than Westminster to flower, it is more adapted to the drier Wimmera environment than Westminster. GrainSearch will be proceeding to the next stage of seed bulk up.
  3. 9516-01 (SYN).  This extremely quick malt quality barley line suits the Wimmera Region and possible spring planting in the HRZ’s. It is approximately 18 days quicker than Westminster to flower.  It ranked 6th at the Horsham site (3,179 kg/ha, 110% site mean yield). Its grain quality at the Inverleigh site was excellent (grain retention was 85.89% and test weight 69.95 kg/hl) and was far superior to any other variety, due to the very dry conditions and this variety’s relatively early maturity. GrainSearch has already bulked up this variety to 110 kg of seed and we will be looking to further expand seed production this year.

GrainSearch also has a number of exciting new wheat and barley lines coming through quarantine from PPGW and a new breeding collaborator Breun (Germany) who owns the huge global malt barley variety – Scarlet.  We look forward to seeing their new material in the ground for the first time this season.